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Family and Divorce Mediator
Matthew M. House, J.D.
The reality of divorce is stressful enough; the process shouldn't have to be.  Many people believe they need a lawyer, but mediation accomplishes all the essential functions at a fraction of the cost and time.  When I mediate your divorce, you will save time, save money, reduce stress, and have a compassionate advocate.  We will address all issues:  child custody, monetary support, division of property and debts, and any other necessary decision to make.  Mediation provides you a start-to-finish process that spares you a long legal battle and saves you thousands of dollars in unnecessary (and usually pointless) expense.

I always tell clients and colleagues, "Individuals hire divorce lawyers.  Families hire me."  My job is to seek an outcome that is clear, detailed, and complete.  Divorce does not have to ruin your life, your finances, or your family.  Ultimately, you are in control of the process and the outcome, but my role is to do everything possible to ask the right questions, help you to make the appropriate decisions, preserve civility during the mediation sessions, and provide all the documentation necessary to file your divorce smoothly.  You can take as much time as you need, but if you want to be finished in two weeks or less, I can make it happen.

I have a law degree and nearly 15 years of experience in family mediation, but you're not coming to me just for my knowledge.  You probably also want someone who will zero in on the real issues and care strongly about your concerns.  With me, you will get a mediator who is thorough, meticulously detailed, and always patient.  I create as lighthearted an atmosphere as is appropriate to the circumstances, and I use the latest technology to increase clarity during sessions and streamline the overall process.

I meet with my clients' kids (usually ages 9-21) unless you or they don't want me to, but almost all do.  I consider those meetings to be one of my most essential roles as a mediator, because the outcome is always more successful when kids' feedback is incorporated and their questions are answered.
I would be happy to answer any questions.  I provide clear-minded direction and practical strategies for people who are looking to settle legal issues related to divorce, child custody, asset division, and other family law matters.  You do not need to file for divorce before beginning mediation.  As long as both spouses have good communication and trust each other to be honest, most people wait until the end of the mediation process to file their dissolution (divorce) petition.

Please contact me with your questions or to make an appointment.  I offer a 10-minute consultation by phone at no cost, and a discounted in-person consultation so that you can learn about the benefits of mediation and the specific services I can provide.