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Family and Divorce Mediator
Matthew M. House, J.D.
I hope you will choose mediation as a more economical, and more efficient way of resolving family disputes, including those that require legal agreements filed with the courts and those within the family unit.  Mediation through my office results in agreements -- usually in written form -- to problems that involve family law.
I always tell clients and colleagues, "Individuals hire divorce lawyers.  Families hire me."  My job is to seek an outcome that is clear, detailed, and complete.  Divorce does not have to ruin your life, your finances, or your family.  Many people believe they need a lawyer, but mediation accomplishes all the essential functions at a fraction of the cost and time.  Having a lawyer review the agreement at the end of the process is always a good idea, however.
I would be happy to answer any questions.  I provide clear-minded direction and practical strategies for people who are looking to settle legal issues related to divorce, child custody, asset division, and other family law matters.  Please contact me with your questions or to make an appointment.
I regularly provide my expertise and opinions to media organizations, including interviews on radio and television and articles in newspapers throughout the United States. I am currently writing a proposed nationwide overhaul of the juvenile justice statutes and a book advocating juvenile justice reform.
Your needs -- for divorce mediation, teen conflicts, juvenile advocacy or media inquiries -  will receive my utmost care and attention.
Matthew M. House, J.D.